The Top “Celebrity Yachts” Around the World

By PeterLogan

You probably picture a Celebrity Yachts as a luxury yacht. Celebrity yachts are popular because they are expensive and exclusive. There are many styles and sizes of yachts, but you can almost guarantee that it will be luxurious if you spend the money to buy a luxury model. Celebrities love to sail the open oceans and spend time with family and friends. Celebrities are often seen with expensive toys such as cars, motorcycles, planes, and super yachts. These glass desk sailing vessels, which are valued at millions, are the epitome of luxuriousness. Many celebrities have super yachts that allow them to travel all over the globe, from the Mediterranean to Asia. These are the 20 most famous celebrity yachts. Check out what celebrities have climbed aboard these yachts.

Eric Clapton

The 47.8-meter super yacht Va Bene by Eric Clapton, which measures 47.8 meters, can accommodate up to 12 people and has 13 crew members. Clapton, an American singer and songwriter, has received 17 Grammys. Clapton still tours with the band, performs concerts and also travels on his super yacht. Celebrity Yachts commissioned Kees Cornelissen to build the Celebrity Yachts. He also had the Celebrity Yachts remodelled to reflect his style and taste. The Celebrity Yachts now has spacious living areas that are filled with warm colors, comfortable furniture, and a movie lounge.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is a well-known screenwriter and film director. He can often be found on the seven seas sailing, literally, when he’s not doing any of these things. The 86-meter Seven Seas yacht, built by Oceanco, is owned by Steven Spielberg. It is the epitome luxury from bow to stern. According to some reports, the luxury towee boats¬†yacht has a stunning infinity pool that can transform into an outdoor cinema screen.

Bono Celebrity Yachts

Bono has had many hits in his singing career. His most well-known work is with U2, which was a popular band in the 1980’s. His years of recording and touring with U2 have earned him millions. He also spent time singing solo as Bono, making millions. It shouldn’t be surprising that Bono has his own luxury golsn yacht of 49 metres, named Cyan Celebrity Yacht. This vessel was built by Codecasa, a prestigious shipyard.