Deep Impact boats

By PeterLogan

Deep Impact is a high-end, center console fishing boat builder that can boast the same artistry as other builders. Each boat is an artistic work of art. From the curvaceous, gleaming gel-coated sides of the hull to the custom upholstery colors, each one is unique. They are as fast as they look. The deep impact boats hulls have triple and quadruple outboard motors that can reach speeds of up to 85 mph while riding on a twin-stepped, 10 mph faster than V-hulls with the same power. Deep Impacts use the most advanced fiberglass technology including resin-infusion and Divinycell coring. There are three hull lengths currently available: 33′, 36″ and 39’9″.

Deep Impact Boats

Deep Impact Boats is a yacht brand with 13 yachts currently for sale on YachtWorld. This includes 1 new yacht and 12 used yachts. They are listed by yacht brokers and boat dealers mainly in the United States, Spain Guadeloupe Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guadeloupe. The current YachtWorld models range in size and length, from 33 to 40 feet. The most expensive models are equipped with motors of up to 1,200 horsepower. However, the more affordable models may be equipped with engines as low as 350 horsepower (although our average power size is 850 HP).

Types of yachts made by Deep Impact

This builder makes boat hulls in a variety of styles, including modified vee, deep vee, and others that can be used for time-honored, traditional endeavors like day cruising and saltwater fishing. Deep Impact can equip models with outboard-4S or outboard drive power options. These options are available with gas and other propulsion system.

The Deep Impact boats are well-known for their Center Console and High Performance, Cuddy Cabin, and other features. They have a very shallow draft and a wider beam. This makes them ideal for day cruising and freshwater fishing.

What is the cost of Deep Impact boats?

Deep Impact boats available for sale at YachtWorld start at $178,146 for the lowest-cost segment and go up to $599,000 for more specialized models.

Which Deep Impact model is best?

The most well-known Deep Impact models currently listed are: 36, 33TE, 36 Cabin and 36 Cuddy, as well as 36 Custom Cabin and 36 Cuddy. YachtWorld currently lists a variety of Deep Impact models for sale through specialized yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages. Listings range from 2004-year models to 2021.