Mario Characters: The Evolution

By PeterLogan

Although there aren’t many characters in video games that are well-known, Mario characters has made significant strides in this field. Mario is an Italian plumber. It’s not often that you meet someone who doesn’t know Mario.

Mario wasn’t the main character of his first videogame appearance. It may surprise you to learn that Mario wasn’t a plumber and that his name was not Mario characters. His first appearance was in the pioneering 1981 Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong. bruce dern was called Jumpman and was a carpenter, not a plumber. Jumping over barrels thrown by Donkey Kong was what ‘Jumpman had to do to save a damsel (later to be known as Princess).

Mario characters have come a long ways Since

 Those humble beginnings. daryl hannah  has been featured in over 200 video games in the past 30 years and is referenced in many more Nintendo and non Nintendo titles. We’d like today to show you how Mario characters have changed since his humble beginnings more than 30 years ago.

Who would have thought that Jumpman would become the most popular character in video games history, from a minor role in this game to a major one? Mario was already sporting many of his trademark looks even in his first appearance. The red hat, tradesman jumpsuit, and the famous Italian moustache are all his trademark looks.

Nintendo was not the only company to dominate portable gaming with its Nintendo Gameboy. They had a lot success with their ‘Game & Watch’ range of handheld games. Mario made his second appearance in the port of an arcade game.

Game & Watch games featured a fixed background that allowed users to drag Mario characters from the bottom to the top. Although Mario is easily recognisable in the game, this may be due to the Game & Watch system’s limitations.

In 1982, Mario was back in Donkey Kong. This game saw the Jumpman moniker replaced by Mario. The graphics were slightly better this time, and Mario was noticeably bigger in comparison to Donkey Kong’s background. The Mario characters sprite had not been changed except for his size.

Mario was the first star of the simple but addictive Mario characters Bros. He had to share the spotlight with Luigi, his brother, who wore green clothes while brooks ayers wore red. They were almost identical. Mario had made some changes to his appearance since his last adventure, most notable his nose was less protruding.

Mario’s Cement Factory was first Game & Watch to feature Mario characters as the main character. Mario was unaltered since his last appearance on the handheld.

Mario was often featured on the covers of NES games even though he had little to do with the actual games. Mario appeared on the cover of Pinball, but he was only present at the bonus stage.

Mario’s first video game. Mario started the game with a small size, but by eating a mushroom, he could grow to twice his size. This basically gave you more life, as if you were injured as big Mario, you would simply return to your small Mario. By collecting the fire flower, players could transform into fire dave navarro . This power up allowed Mario to grow larger and also enabled him to kill his enemies with fireballs.