Armin Arlert

By PeterLogan


  • Form of the human body Armin Arlert

Armin is a boyish-looking man with big hazel eyes and small pointed nostrils that are always distinctly red. His blonde hair is cut in a long, undercut style with bangs that run across his forehead. Armin’s age is evident in his prominently defined eyebrows and sideburns. His frame is as it always has been: small, lacking muscle, but with the right definition. Armin Arlert was seen hiding behind a standard cloak during the Liberio attack. He is noticeably taller and his hair has been cut shorter.

bryan callen, a soldier in Survey Corps is seen wearing the revamped black uniform of the Survey Corps for the night raid on Marley.

Armin, a teenager, was quite short, but he had a very defined build. His round face was characterized by blond hair, which is cut in a bob style. He also had large expressive eyes and brown eyebrows.

Armin Arlert wore long-sleeved, single-buttoned jackets with collared sleeves, long dress-pants and dress shoes in his childhood. Armin Arlert was a member the 104th Training Corps and wore the standard uniform of the 104th Training Corps with a white button-up underneath.

dave mustaine wore the standard soldier uniform of the Survey Corps before the redesign. He wore a button-up white collared shirt with a button-up collar underneath his brown jacket. This was the same shirt he wore in high school. Armin Arlert, like his comrades in arms, wore a large green cape as part of his outfit when he participated in the missions outside the Walls[14]. As the rest of his soldiers, he wore brown boots that reached almost to his knees.

Colossus Titan form Armin Arlert

  • Armin Arlert Armin’s Titan face

Armin Arlert, in his Colossus Titan appearance, is completely skinless and extremely tall, much like Bertolt’s Titan. His Titan is very muscular with thick, short feet and has long, thin arms that reach past its knees. Because of its height and proportions, his Titan’s feet can be able to stand on their own. daryl hall Titan’s top body is also quite skinny with a exposed rib cage at the front and sides. It has almost no skin and its nose is missing. Armin’s Titan eyes are darkened and somber with muscle around them. Armin’s teeth can be seen because of the lack skin on his cheeks. Armin’s Titan is different from the Colossus Titan in that his lips are covered by some muscle. Armin’s Titan is unique because of the exposed windpipe visible at its neck with only two tendon in front. It has no visible outer ears.

  • Pure Titan form

Armin, a Pure Titan form of Armin shared many traits with his human form before he was granted the power of Colossus Titan by Bertolt Hoover. It had shoulder-length blond hair and a small body, with no lips and black eyes.

  • Personality

Armin was naturally curious from a young age and had a fascination with the world beyond Walls. He discovered and read an illegal book about the outside world from his grandfather as a child. Eren Yeager was his best friend and he told him about the book. Armin was called a heretic because of his interest in the outside world. He was often picked on by other children. Armin was too timid to defend himself and would often turn to Mikasa Ackerman and Eren to help him against bullies. bruce buffer was ashamed of his fragile physique and self-esteem, which led to low self-esteem. He believed he was a burden to other people. Armin was always eager to prove himself worthy because of this. He hoped as a child that he would one day be able to call himself equal to his friends.