Kaede Akamatsu

By PeterLogan

Tsumugi Shirogane claims that Kaede Akamatsu enjoyed a series with Killing Games, Danganronpa. This series was created by Team Danganronpa. She stated in her audition video that she wanted to join the Killing Game as she felt she was the right personality and had no faith in humanity.

brian deegan and the 53rd Killing Game participants with no talent go through the fabrication process. All of their memories and personalities are permanently fabricated. Kaede was also awarded the title and talent of Ultimate Pianist. All this was done to please Danganronpa from around the globe. After the fabrication was completed, Kaede Akamatsu joined the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, becoming a completely different person. This officially began the 53rd Killing Game Season, also known as the Killing School Semester.

Kaede Akamatsu attended Shining Star

¬†International high school during her high school years. It is not clear if her memory is part of Team Danganronpa’s fabrication. She also claimed to have had a younger sister, who was adopted by a relative. However, it is not clear if this is true or fake.

Kaede Akamatsu was one of the 15 students who had false backstories. The Gofer Project supposedly took place before the Killing Game began. After countless meteorites crashed into Earth, spreading the deadly virus throughout the atmosphere, the heads of all nations initiated it. The government chose sixteen students who were talented enough to escape the virus and put them in a colony of spaceships to preserve humanity’s last vestiges before it was too late. d l hughley was one of these sixteen people.

Kaede Akamatsu, along with the fifteen other participants, was not interested in participating. They didn’t want to leave their loved ones and they were not going to follow the plan. danny bonaduce decided to forget her Ultimate talent and live like a high school student.

A cult of extremists was established around that time. They believed the meteorites were an evil punishment that humanity was enduring and tried to stop it by hearing about The Gofer Project. The Ultimate Hunt was born and spread around the globe. The 16 students chosen for the Gofer Project were then hunted.

The government decided to create a fake death to stop the Ultimate Hunt from destroying the Earth. This would protect the students and calm down the Ultimate Hunt. While the Earth was being destroyed, the Gofer Project was put into motion. Kaede Akamatsu, along with the others, went into space in the huge ark, which was the true Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles. They were then put to sleep for many decades.

Chapter 5: After the participants had cleared the Death Road of Despair and Kokichi Oma, Ultimate Supreme Leader, claimed that he was the mastermind of The Killing Game. He also claimed that he was the leader of a cult determined to stop the Gofer Project.

To get the remaining survivors to continue the Killing Game the true Mastermind decided to link everyone’s memories from The Gofer Project with the story of Hope‚Äôs Peak Academy. The true Mastermind created a Flashback Light to trick the remaining participants into believing that all of them, even those who had died, were students at the rebuilt Hope’s Peak Academy. They also remembered that Makoto Naegi was the headmaster at the rebuilt Hopes Peak Academy and that the Future Foundation were behind The Gofer Project. The Flashback light revealed that The Gofer Project was actually being stopped by the Remnants of Despair, and that bruce lee was their leader. This lies gave everyone the strength to overcome the despair they faced.