By PeterLogan

Because of their versatility, Snake tattoo are one of the most loved tattoos for men. You can adapt them to fit any part of your body, including your chest and fingers. The wide range of designs makes them suitable for every man’s taste. You can choose from a more masculine inking or something more casual and chic.

A rose tattoo combined with a snake is not only badass, but also symbolic. Because roses are associated with love, they are a popular and traditional tattoo design. When combined with a snake the meaning becomes one of romance and overwhelming passion. The snake-and-rose tattoo would look great with a Gothic or traditional style of art.

These designs are inspired from the natural world, including animals and plants. They use black ink and straight lines to create intricate patterns. Because of the snake’s long, curving body, it is an attractive option for traditional tribal hunting tattoos. It can also be modified to fit many different locations.

If you’re looking for something discreet or minimal, a small beautiful snakes tattoo might be the best option. Its small size allows it to be placed on your finger, behind your ear, or on your hand. To make the inking stand out and be easier to fix up, opt for black ink.

Snake tattoos are versatile. Simple tattoos look stunning when paired with Japanese irezumi. A simple snake tattoo is a good choice if your style is more minimalist or you prefer to have inking done quickly.

A snakehead is one of the most cool and powerful tattoo options. This makes it perfect for men who desire a masculine and intimidating snake tattoo. This design focuses on the fangs, venom and dangerous predatory side of a snakes around. Snakehead tattoos are energetic and move quickly and appear to leap off the skin.

This makes it a very popular tattoo design for men and women. You can choose to get a traditional or contemporary.

Snake tattoo Power and Strength

The good or bad, is a powerful symbol that represents a reptile and has been around since the time of dinosaurs or, if you are religious, since the Garden of Eden.


Some snakes are capable of producing venom. Some snakes are venomous, and some others can be dangerous and powerful symbols.

Rebirth and Healing

A snake’s ability to shed its skin can be taken as a sign of rebirth or transformation.

Snake tattoo Temptation

According to the Christian Bible story about Adam and Eve, Eve was tempted. This led to the creation of original sin. Snakes are a symbol of temptation and sin.

Snake Tattoo Fertility

The phallic form of the snake, which is symbolic of fertility and creativity in many cultures, has been a part the history of many cultures.


The Ouroboros, an image of a snake eating its tail, is an ancient symbol which can symbolize the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This symbol originated in Europe and can represent the changing seasons.